Hi, I’m Virgie and my entire life is about ending weight-based discrimination and anti-fat bias, and helping to create a world where body diversity is celebrated - not feared.

Yes, that’s me ^

Here’s a seemingly circuitous note that actually explains everything about my Substack:

I love running a small business, and every single dollar that comes through my business (yes, including the paid subscription side of this newsletter) goes toward continuing to do the work I live for: writing about how to end weight discrimination, helping people in larger bodies thrive, teaching companies how to make the workplace more accessible, helping future doctors and psychiatrists unlearn bias, and more.

Right now I’m in a moment of professional transition. I’m trying to build more freedom for creativity, inspiration and rest.

As a solopreneur, this means figuring out what I have time and capacity to do because each hour I spend doing one thing is an hour spent not doing another. Do you remember learning about this in high school economics? Opportunity costs are a real thing! Earlier in 2022, I made the decision to de-prioritize writing a newsletter twice a week and focus on long-form projects (yes, I mean books, which - for me - require a really different headspace than short-form, consistent writing) and rest.

What does this mean for you, FREE subscriber to my Substack?

Free subscribers, you will get occasional (think: monthly) updates on things I’ve written, new ideas I’m experimenting with, and updates on projects.

What does this mean for you, PREMIUM subscriber to my Substack?

First, THANK YOU, if you’re a premium subscriber.

Your subscription gets you access to paywalled content that I converted from my last email newsletter (which was called Body Positive University, and was set up like a virtual one-stop shop for all things anti-diet, fat positive and body positive), but I don’t plan to create new paywalled content regularly moving forward at this time.

I opened up the premium subscription option for people who wanted access to that paywalled content, as well as for those lovely people who have asked throughout the years, “Is there a way to just contribute something for the work you’re doing?” I think some people call this a gratitude circle.

Whether you’re a paid or free subscriber, I’m so glad you’re here!



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Virgie Tovar wants to end weight-based discrimination. She is an award-winning author, contributor for Forbes.com, and the host of the Webby-nominated podcast, Rebel Eaters Club. She has been awarded Yale's Poynter Fellowship in Journalism.